“Free” 5 hours

An introductory handgun training course exclusively designed for women.

Our women-only introductory handgun course offers an extensive overview and understanding of firearms (semi-auto weapons/handguns) and is ideal for first-time owners or new shooters. This course is an excellent opportunity for women who are new to handguns, need a refresher or want to understand the fundamentals to hone their skills in a fun, safe environment. A certified instructor, Keith will go over safe firearm handling procedures, general handgun knowledge, marksmanship fundamentals, and firearm care and storage.

This class will deliver a solid foundation to build upon and give beginners the skills they need to become responsible and confident shooters. The required shooting qualification at the range will ensure that each person knows how to safely handle and operate a handgun. The live fire exercise will consist of 10-30 rounds at 9 feet, 15 feet, and 21 feet. After you complete the classroom and live fire exercise, you will receive your Basic Training certificate.

You are welcome to use our handgun and ammo for the shooting exercise at no charge but are welcome and encouraged to use your weapon.

What to bring to class:

  • Please arrive 20 min before the course starts time for registration
  • Photo ID
  • Course ER fee (prepay online only, before the course starts)
  • 30 rounds of ammunition if you bring your own handguns
Course Length“Free” 5 hours
Course Fee“Free”
Requirements18 years of age & up