Course Price: $250

Basic Home Defense is a four-hour course designed to train individuals, especially empowering women, for unwanted situations such as home invasion, theft, robbery, and more. In this course, our expert trainers assist you in understanding the legality and reality of self-defense in order to maintain ultimate protection in crisis situations. We help you practically learn the principles of security, the concept of safe rooms, security alarm technicalities, emergency response protocols, and basic usage of home safety equipment. Practical drills follow all the theories and presentations to develop adequate self-defense skills in order to respond safely to different threats and protect your family. The seminar will conclude with each participant competing in one or more reality-based scenarios simulating home defense.

This course is interactive and uses shot-indicating laser training pistols and training projectiles (airsoft) against real people rather than live weapons or ammunition. Attendance is encouraged for the entire family (age 15 and up). This course can also be taught privately in the comfort of your own home for an additional fee. For more information, please get in touch with us.

4 Hoursincludes 1hr range time
Basic Home Defense Class